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Necromunda (Hardback Rulebook)

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Necromunda Hardback.jpg
Author Rick Priestley with Jervis Johnson, Andy Chambers & Chris Colston
Publisher Games Workshop
Preceded by Necromunda Rulebook
Followed by Necromunda: Underhive
Released 1998
Pages 312
Editions ISBN: 1-872372-48-1

The hardback Necromunda rulebook was a collected edition of the original Necromunda Rulebook, Necromunda Sourcebook and Outlanders Rulebook, compiling all the core rules of the first edition in one volume.

It was superseded by Necromunda: Underhive, the second edition rulebook which contained updated versions of the Rulebook and Sourcebook. The Outlanders material was gradually republished in sometimes radically different versions through the Necromunda Magazine second volume, Fanatic Magazine and Fanatic Online.

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