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Necromunda 8th Regiment

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Uniform Basic Data
Necromunda 8th.jpg
- Necromunda 8th[4] -
Homeworld: Necromunda[4]
Regiment Type: Mixed infantry and armour[4]

The Necromunda 8th, nicknamed The Spiders,[4] are a famous Astra Militarum Regiment from the hive world of Necromunda and part of the Necromundan Guard. They are called the "Spiders" due to the fact that the regiment's soldiers are drawn from Necromunda's Spider Clan, a powerful Necromundan gang famed throughout the Necromunda subsector for its ferocity.[1] Founded around M30/M31, the Necromunda 8th was destroyed and refounded repeatedly throughout its history, though always retained its high reputation.[4]

Recruitment and Training

The Spider Clan is the dominant gang of the lower levels of Hive Palantine. For centuries they have received arms from the Imperial Governor of Necromunda in exchange for keeping rebellious gangs and other anarchic forces under control. Consequently the Spiders are officially regarded as Necromunda's own army or Planetary Defense Force.[1] The PDF, in turn, forms a base for Imperial Guard regimental foundings.[Needs Citation]

When the Spiders enter the ranks of the Guard, they are organized into platoons formed by a whole gang; officers are prominent individuals within the Spider Clan, respected and feared by the gangers.[Needs Citation]

Appearance and uniform

Soldiers often have their face tattooed with an image of the Necromundan Spider, the symbol of the gang. Necromundan regiments use antifrag armour plates covering the chest and shoulders.[Needs Citation] The unit's tanks are often also adorned with spider logos, despite disapproval by the Departmento Munitorum.[4]

Known campaigns

Known assets

Known units

  • 5th Siege Tank Squadron[4]

Known members


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