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Necromunda Rulebook

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Necromunda Rulebook
Author(s) Rick Priestley with Jervis Johnson & Andy Chambers
Editor(s) Games Workshop
Cover Artist Geoff Taylor
Illustrator(s) John Blanche Wayne England Mark Gibbons Des Hanley
Released 1995
Pages 80
Followed by Necromunda: Outlanders Rulebook

The Necromunda Rulebook contained the rules needed to play individual games of Necromunda. Included in the first edition boxed set (1995), it was accompanied by the Sourcebook which contained background to the planet as well as the rules for making gangs, playing scenarios and linking games into campaigns.[1]



This section presents the game, the background, and the ties with the rule of the 2nd Edition of Warhammer 40000, as well as the contents of the box set it was shipped in.[3]

Game Rules
  • Characteristics
  • The Turn
The turn sequence involves Movement, Shooting, Hand-to-hand, and Recovery phases.[4]
  • Movement & Terrain
  • Shooting
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Leadership
Advanced Game Rules
This section covers rules that add further detail and complexity to the game; they are not necessary in order to play.[5]
The Armoury
This section describes the different weapons which gang fighters carry as well as amour and gunsights.[6]


The game supplement Outlanders was released the next year, including the Outlanders Rulebook, and all three (the Rulebook, Sourcebook and Outlanders Rulebook) were republished in a combined hardback edition in 1998.


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