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Necron Fleet

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Necron fleet rising from a Tomb World.

The Necron fleet is made up of a few incredibly powerful, technologically advanced, and highly manoeuverable ships. They have the ability to strike at will and often a smaller vessel can defeat a greater one with ease due to the advanced technology it carries.


All Necron ships are made of living metal and as such are immune to natural phenomena such as solar flares and gas giants. It is also excellent at repairing the vessels. They use an Inertialess Drive, allowing them to move without entering the warp. The engines are very effective and alow the ships to move varying distances.

The first major encounter between Imperial and Necron fleets was in the Yuctan System (Yuctan Incident), close to the eastern fringes. It was a small settlement but had a Navy Depot. The depot was being used by a small Imperial squadron consisting of the Dauntless Class Light Cruiser Farsight and 6 other smaller Escort ships. Squadron Farsight was refueling and rearming on Yuktan before heading back out on patrol. They recieved a distress message from a colony on the outlying planet of Merida. Only one Imperial vessel survived (Cobra Class Destroyer ON37452) and the Necrons didn't lose any ships. By the time a full fleet was assembled, the Necrons were gone.

Since then, there have been 27 further encounters with Imperial ships, as well as some between Necrons and Eldar, Orks or Chaos. The only way to defeat them is with superior numbers. When fleets of equal numbers engage, the Necrons' superior craft give them an enormous advantage, and are almost always victorious over whatever foe was unfortunate enough to face them. Their encounters are spread across the galaxy with no apparent plan or objective, except taking every man, woman and child without trace.[1]


Name Images Notable Vessels
Cairn Class Tomb Ship
Necron Cairn Class Tombship.gif


Name Images Notable Vessels
Scythe Class Harvest Ship
Necron Scythe Class Harvest Ship.gif
Shroud Class Light Cruiser
Khopesh Class Light Cruiser
Cartouche Class Light Cruiser
Sekhem Class Light Cruiser


Name Images Notable Vessels
Dirge Class Raider
Jackal Class Raider


Name Images Notable Vessels
Taweret Class Light Assault Carrier

Attack Craft

Attack Craft
Name Images
Doom Scythe
Doomscythe02 873x627.jpg
Night Scythe
Nightscythe01 873x627.jpg
Night Shroud

Space Stations & Orbitals

Space Stations & Orbitals
Name Images
World Engine


Name Notes
Death Ray
Energy Drain
Lightning Arc
Nightmare Field
Star Pulse Generator
Particle Whip


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