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Necron Lexicon

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The Necron Ankh

Language and writing of the Necrons, most if not all of which are derived from the Necrontyr.


All Necrons bear the mark of the Triarch, a brand upon their living metal skin that binds them to their race. Each Necron Dynasty will vary the colors of the Ankh and cartouche to match those of their phaeron. However, despite these cosmetic alterations, the shape of the Ankh remains unchanged, each exacting curve and line perfectly reproduced upon the Necrons’ chests.[1]

Glyphs and Hieroglyphs

Glyphs are the Necron method of written communication, symbology, and iconography. Only nobles of the highest rank are permitted to bear their dynasty’s glyph in its fullest form. Those of lesser rank bear only elements of the glyph, and the warriors of their legions are marked with even simpler derivations of the same designs. In contrast, war engines, such as Monoliths and Doomsday Arks, often display their dynasty’s glyphs in full – they are considered to be the personal weaponry of a particular noble and therefore warrant a higher status than even the Necron Warriors that crew them.[1]


The spoken Necron language is largely an incomprehensible mystery to the Imperium. Several words and phrases are known, such as C'tan being derived from the Necrontyr word for Star God[2a] and Mephet'ran for The Messenger.[2b]

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