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Necron Lord

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The Necron Lord of Kronus

Necron Lords are leaders of Necron armies that serve under Overlords and rule over individual Tomb Worlds.[1]


Necron Lords direct battles, and oversee the functions of the Tomb World as part of the Nodal Command structure. Unlike other Necron units, Necron Lords do not require another unit of the same type to be nearby to attempt regeneration. Often seen wearing crumbling vestments and wielding ancient and arcane staffs, they are a chilling sight on the battlefield, filling their foes with dread. Though age mars and chips at their once-perfectly silvered forms, time has not diminished their malice. To further unnerve the enemy, they direct their forces to attack in eerie silence and have glittering arcs of energy surrounding the soulless fires that burn in their empty eye sockets.

The basic armament for a Necron Lord is a Staff of Light, but this may be upgraded to a Warscythe. They are also permitted to take equipment from the Necron Armoury, such as the Resurrection Orb which allows nearby Necrons to regenerate even after being hit by a weapon that would normally not allow such regeneration to occur. In cases where increased mobility is desired, Necron Lords can be mounted on a Destroyer Body chassis, becoming Destroyer Lords.

Necron Lords in the 41st Millennium

Necron Lords serve in the courts of powerful Necron Overlords or Phaerons, often ruling over individual Tomb Worlds on the behalf of greater Necron Dynasties. A Necron Overlord can sometimes have many Necron Lords at his command. Despite this, however, a Necron Lord is a fearsome opponent in his own right and they themselves command vast legions of Necron forces.[1]

Some Necron Lords command specialist War Cells:

Notable Necron Lords


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