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Necron Weaponry (List)

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Close Range Weapons

Close Range Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Flensing Claw Melee [5]
Gauntlet of Fire Armoured glove whose length crackles and flows with green flame Close combat
Hyperphase Sword Hyperphase Weapon Hyperphase Weapon
Hyperphase Reap-Blade Hyperphase Weapon
Hyperphase Thresher Hyperphase Weapon [2]
Hyperphase Glaive Hyperphase Weapon [2]
Hyperphase Harvester Hyperphase Weapon [2]
Monomolecular Proboscis [5]
Rod of Covenant Powered/Energy Close combat and ranged
Staff of Light Powered/Energy Close combat and ranged
Tachyon Arrow Energy Weapons
Voidblade Close Combat Weapons
Warscythe Phase/Gauss Weaponry Close combat and ranged

Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons (Basic)

Ranged Weapons (Basic)
Weapon Name Weapon Type Images Notes
Enmitic Disintegrator Pistol Enmitic Weapon [8]
Gauss Blaster Gauss Weaponry
Gauss Destructor Gauss Weaponry [2]
Gauss Flayer Gauss Weaponry
Gauss Reaper Gauss Weaponry [3]
Particle Caster Particle Weaponry
Synaptic Disintegrator Energy Weapons Used by Deathmark snipers.
Tesla Carbine Tesla Weapon
Transdimensional Beamer

Ranged Weapons (Heavy)

Ranged Weapons (Heavy)
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Annihilator Beam ??? [9]
Atomiser Beam Lance [2]
Enmitic Annihilator
Enmitic Exterminator Enmitic Weapon [2]
Death Ray Energy Weapon Vehicle mounted
Dimensional Destabilization Matrix Phase-Shift weapon
Doomsday Blaster[1] Energy Weapons Vehicle Mounted
Doomsday Cannon Energy Weapons Vehicle mounted
Exile Cannon Vortex Weapon Vehicle Mounted
Heat ray Melta Weapons Vehicle mounted
Gauss Annihilator Gauss Weaponry Pylon Mounted
Gauss Cannon Gauss Weaponry
Gauss Exterminator Gauss Weaponry Pylon mounted
Gauss Flux Arc Gauss Weaponry Vehicle mounted
Gauss Obliterator Gauss Weaponry Vehicle mounted
Heavy Gauss Cannon Gauss Weaponry
Gravitic Pulse Grav Weapon
Heat Cannon Melta Weaponry Pylon mounted
Heat Ray Melta Weaponry Vehicle mounted
Particle Beamer Particle Weaponry
Particle Shredder Particle Weaponry
Particle Whip Energy Weapons Vehicle mounted
Singularity Generator Construct mounted
Synaptic Obliterator Construct mounted
Transdimensional Abductor Starstele mounted[4]
Tesseract Singularity Chamber Vehicle mounted[10]
Tesla Cannon Tesla Weapon Vehicle mounted
Tesla Destructor Tesla Weapon Vehicle mounted
Thermal Cutting Beam Thermal Weapon Construct-mounted
Transdimensional Projector Vortex Weapon Construct-mounted

Cryptek Weaponry

Cryptek Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Abyssal Staff
Atavindicator [9a]
Countertemporal Nanomines [9a]
Eldritch Lance Energy Weapon
Entropic Lance Chrono Weapon
Ether Crystal
Harp of Dissonance
Voltaic Staff


Weapon Name Notes
Blood Scythe
Dias of Dominion Used by Szarekh[9]
Empathic Obliterator Used by Trazyn[6]
Gauntlet of the Conflagrator
Sceptre of Eternal Glory Used by Szarekh[9]
Scythe of Dust Used by Mesophet[9]
Staff of the Destroyer Used by Imotekh[7]
Staff of Stars Used by Hapthatra[9]
Staff of the Tomorrow Used by Orikan[7]
Solar Staff

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