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Negavolt Cultist

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Negavolt Cultist

Negavolt Cultists are Heretek Cults that are often found on worlds controlled by the Adeptus Mechanicus[1].


Negavolt Cultists express their devotion to the Ruinous Powers by despoiling machinery, corrupting the function of technologies through daemonic inovacations and rituals. Forming cults on Mechanicum-controlled worlds, they often try to rise up and usurp their Tech-Priest overlords and convert the most holy of their machines into Daemon Engines.[3]

Negavolt Cultists wire themselves with empathic-resnonance coils that act as batteries that charge their own pain and hatred. At full capacity, these spinally fused cells fire arcs of warp-infused energy at their enemies. An anarchic electric field also builds around the dendrites that the cultist implant in their skulls, creating a halo of lighting.[3]

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