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Nekromant Invidiosa

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Nekromant Invidiosa was a Warlord Chaos Titan that participated in the Chaos invasion of Forge World Orestes. It was spiked, malformed, and black like burned meat, with long kill banners hanging from its weapon limbs. It was destroyed in a duel with the Legio Invicta Warlord Sicarian Faero.[1]

Nekromant Invidiosa attacked Sicarian Faero while the latter was fighting Chaos combat servitors at the Old Silo's Birdmarket. It made no effort to hide its name, but rather broadcast it as howling scrapcode through its augmitters and screaming it on all frequencies as it charged. Nekromant initially had the upper hand, striking Faero twice in the abdominal rectus and almost popping the shield; but the latter soon recovered. During the resultant firefight, Nekromant's void shields were severely damaged and it attempted to flee. But Faero pursued, and destroyed it with a single quake cannon shot to the cockpit. Defiantly howling its name one last time, Nekromant toppled backward and fell into a reservoir bed. The engine duel had devastated a large portion of the Birdmarket and leveled the old Templum Saint Laera.[1]

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