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The Nemean[3]

The Nemean — also called the Nemean Reaver, the Scarred Master, and the Gloaming Slayer — was a member of the Dark Angels Legion. He was the First Lord of the Dark Brotherhood warband of Blackshields during the Horus Heresy before joining the Knights-Errant.[1a]


The Nemean was a Terran member of the Dark Angels Legion and a veteran of the Third Rangdan Xenocide.[1a][1b]

Horus Heresy

During the Horus Heresy, the Nemean gathered a band of Blackshields who came to be known as the Dark Brotherhood, binding them into a coherent force under his leadership. The Nemean set out to establish an independent empire as a haven for the Brotherhood in the Pale Stars. Operating from the Eridayn Cataract, they set out to cleanse their realm of human and xenos pirates as well as Imperialis Armada patrol craft. In late 007.M31, the Nemean led an assault on 771/51-6, executing the master of human-xenos hybrid clans that had been operating in the region since the Age of Strife.[1a]

Soon after, an Alpha Legion force under Strike Master Ijax came to the Pale Stars to raise armies for the traitors, promising the ruling houses Horus' favour if they aided him in purging the Dark Brotherhood. Even as the Alpha Legion sought to provoke the Nemean by deploying their militias on many worlds claimed by the Brotherhood, the Nemean focused his efforts so that the Alpha Legion thousands-strong armies into isolated regions where they would suffer starvation and hazardous conditions for no gain.[1a]

In 017008.M31, the Nemean and his Brotherhood came to Optera IV after receiving a coded astropathic message from Nathaniel Garro. Garro had been sent to recruit the Nemean for the Knights-Errant, his name one of twenty drawn up by Malcador and Severian. The Nemean asked what had become of his primarch, Lion El'Jonson, pressing for an answer even after the Alpha Legion sprung an ambush. Garro told him there was no news, and the Nemean took one look at the chaos of the battle being fought by the Dark Brotherhood, Alpha Legion, and other loyalists who answered Garro's call before nodding his agreement. The Nemean was teleported aboard Garro's ship and returned to Terra.[1a]

The Nemean went on to serve Malcador as a Knight-Errant, supposedly fighting and dying on the walls of the Imperial Palace during the Siege of Terra.[1a][1b] However it is possible he became Epimetheus, as the individual is a Dark Angel who admits to never having a true name.[2]

Appearance and Wargear

The Nemean was marred by terrible scars from the Rangdan Xenocide, his face a twisted mass of scar tissue hidden beneath a ragged hood. He wore the Kithairon War Plate, a suit of void-hardened and reputedly impenetrable[1a] artificer armour believed to include elements of a suit of power armour that predated the Imperium by several millennia. He also wore an iron halo.[1b]

For weaponry, he wielded a Calibanite Flammbard, a two-handed, flame-edged sword forged by a hidden order of blade-smiths. Alongside this he carried a master-crafted bolt pistol, as well as frag and krak grenades.[1b]



  • The lions of Kithaeron and Nemea in Greek mythology both had almost impenetrable skin and were both slain by Heracles, who wore the skin of the Lion of Kithaeron as armour

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