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Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight

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A Dreadknight in action.

A Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight is an artificial construct of humanoid shape, made of adamantium alloy, ceramite plates, and a compact yet powerful plasma reactor. It was first developed by the Grey Knights to take on Greater Daemons of Chaos.


A Dreadknight pilot is connected via synaptic implants to the Dreadknight, which allows the pilot to control the weapon and movement systems. The mental strength and reaction speed needed to effectively pilot the Dreadknight is such that most Grey Knights do not pass the requirements. However, those that do are undoubtedly some of the most honoured warriors to ever belong to the Grey Knights.[1a]


The Dreadknight comes equiped with two Nemesis Doomfists, which can be replaced with either a Nemesis Greatsword or a Nemesis Daemon Hammer. Underslung from those two Doomfists or Force Weapons, a Dreadknight can further take two different ranged weapons, including a Heavy incinerator, a Gatling psilencer, or a Heavy psycannon. It can also take a personal teleporter, which allows it to strike at the heart of a Daemonic infestation.[1a][1b]



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