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This page contains spoilers for: The Infinite and the Divine (Novel)

Nephreth the Untouched was the last Necrontyr Phaeron of the Ammunos Dynasty, before they underwent the C'tan's Biotransference, during the War in Heaven.[1a]

The Legend

Legend has it that Nephreth was incensed about the Necrontyr would lose if they accepted the C'tan's offer immortally and had refused to allow his Dynasty to undergo the Biotransference. Nephreth would then lead Ammunos in a doomed war against the Star Gods, before according to the Necron's recorded history, he was destroyed in battle with the Burning One C'tan. However, in fact it was his own Dynasty that killed Nephreth, before they sought peace with the C'tan and then accepting the gift of immortality. However Nephreth was known as the Untouched, not only because he had not suffered battle wounds prior to his death, but also because the Phaeron was free of the genetic disease that blighted their species. This led the Ammunos Dynasty to secretly preserve Nephreth's body, in case they sought to undo the Biotransference[1a]. The Dynasty's genius Cryptek Vishani, was charged with building a tomb complex on Cephris that would hide the Phaeron's body, until it was needed. As the complex was being constructed, she also created the gibberish filled Vishanic Manuscripts, and the Astrarium Mysterios device. Once properly translated, the Manuscripts unlocked the Astrarium Mysterios, which contained not only Cephris' location, but also served as a key to unlock the tomb complex.[1b]

Dark Truth

In truth, Nephreth never existed as the legends tell. He was possessed by a shard of the C'tan known as The Deceiver in his infancy, which explained his seeming resistance to Necrontyr ailments. The Deceiver used Nephreth as a form of controlled opposition to draw out those elements in Necrontyr society that would be opposed to Biotransference. After the defeat of the C'tan at the hands of Szarekh the Shards of the Deceiver possessing Nephreth were sealed within his vault on Cephris. The Deceiver however was still able to invent the legend of Nepreth through proxies such as Vishani in the hopes that explorers would open his tomb and unleash him.[1c]