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Nergui is a Captain of the Deathwatch, originally hailing from the White Scars Chapter.[1a][1b]

Nergui leads Watch Company Vigil, based out of the Watch Station known as Picket's Watch.[1a][1c] In 999.M41, Nergui was part of a Deathwatch strike force sent to destroy M'Yan'Ral, a Tau Stormsurge production and training facility on the planet Proth.[1d]

Nergui was also able to call in help from the 4th Brotherhood of the White Scars, led by Batbayar Khan, who were en route from Agrellan back to Chogoris to defend it. However, he was only able to convince the Khan by lying to him; Nergui told Batbayar that the infamous Tau Commander Shadowsun was present at M'Yan'Ral. Batbayar agreed, as the death of Shadowsun, who had managed to evade capture and death at the hands of Kor'sarro Khan, the chapter's Master of the Hunt, would earn him glory.[1e]


As is typical of the White Scars, Nergui prefers to ride into battle atop his customized bike, Ganbold.[1b]