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Neutron Blaster

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Vespid weapon; for the Imperial weapon, see Neutron Laser Projector.
Neutron Blaster.[2]

Neutron Blasters are a unique combination of Tau and Vespid technologies.[1]

The heart of the weapon is a unique crystal found on the Vespid homeworld. The crystal is energetic and unstable, but can be modulated by the vibrations of the Vespid's wings. The crystal is mounted in a case designed by the Tau that projects neutrons through the crystal. The combination is one of the most lethal weapons of its size.[3] Its neutron blast is so powerful that can easily punch through the most armour.[1]

The weapon also has the added safety feature of only being able to be fired by a Vespid (other creatures cannot modulate the crystal).[3]

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