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Neutron Laser Projector

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A Sicaran Venator with a Neutron Laser Projector

The Neutron Laser Projector is a powerful and rare weapon used by the Imperium. Mounted on Valdor Tank Hunters, Sicaran Venators, and Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer's, it is a relic of the Dark Age of Technology.[1]

These little-understood and highly unstable weapons emit powerful blasts that outmatch any other Imperial weapon of its size.[2] The projector fires a neutron beam capable of destroying even the densest material by explosive matter disruption, smashing apart the target's molecular structure and creating a massive electro-magnetic shock-pulse which can disable electronic systems[3] while the penetrating radiation disrupts any biological matter[5], though this effect works only against vehicles which lack the thick shielding and protective mass of Super-Heavy Tanks. While this makes the weapon perfect for tank-hunting, the neutron beam's unique nature means that if it fails to transfer its energy discharge entirely to the target vehicle, a dangerous feedback loop can cause damage to the weapon itself. The neutronic-coil arc-reactor which powers the weapon is also inherently unstable and, without the necessary reactor shielding, can be hazardous to operate.[3]

In times of the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy this weapon was also installed on Sicaran Venators tanks[4] though even then its systems and principles were barely understood by Tech-adepts.[5]

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