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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Inquisitor; for the wife of Bale Rane, see Neve Rane.

Neve was a Cadian Puritan Inquisitor General, who was stationed on the famed Fortress World and her superior was the Grandmaster Numthun.[1a]

Inquisitor Eisenhorn sought her help during his investigation into the Cadian Chaos Cult known as the Sons of Bael, but she was very dismissive, stern and distrusting of adventuring Inquisitors, like him. It took Eisenhorn some effort to convince Neve of the seriousness of his investigation and she would then aid him, in discovering that the Cult was connected to a series of classified unauthorized landings on the fortress world. When they learned that the fallen Inquisitor Quixos was behind the landings, they gathered their forces[1a] and confronted the Sons of Bael. In the battle that followed, the Cult was destroyed, but Quixos' Daemonhost Prophaniti then attacked the Inquisitors and their forces before it escaped[1b], leaving Neve gravely wounded. When Eisenhorn was later investigated by the Inquisition due to claims of Heresy, Neve tasked her subordinate Inquisitor Raum Grumman, to act as her proxy in the matter.[1a]

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