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New Cadia

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New Cadia is a popular name which has been given to several Imperial worlds that Cadia's surviving population have settled upon, since its destruction during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[1]


The first usage of the name was by the Cadian General Isaia Bendikt, who was among the Imperial forces to arrive in the Agripinaa System, after escaping Cadia's destruction. Once they had cleansed Agripinaa of any Chaos invaders within it, Bendikt renamed the System's world Chaeros as New Cadia. He intended it to be the new Homeworld for Cadia's surviving population, but it is not known if this was accepted by the Imperium.[2] Since then, however, several worlds have been named New Cadia by other Cadians as well, though none have been officially chosen as their new Homeworld.[1]

The most likely location for this is not a world but a series of unclaimed Systems, that Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed had planned to designate as New Cadia, should its people ever lose their Homeworld. He and Jarran Kell began working for years on how to establish it, as Creed knew Cadia's population would need a new home to call their own, which would also allow them to rebuild their civilization. The two were able to gather a list of habitable Systems that were not yet claimed for the Emperor and that were also strategic locations that would greatly aid the Imperium, once they were defended by Cadians. Creed believed his estranged daughter, Ursula, was the leader their people would need to make his plan for New Cadia succeed and he began collecting the things she would need to do so. This included navigation charts, the names of allies that would help Ursula and favors that were owed to Creed that she could call in. Once everything was finished, Creed then had the information stored within a Data-Crystal for safekeeping.[3c] When the Thirteenth Black Crusade began, Creed readied Cadia for the invasion that was sure to come[3b] and in the process he had a vault built into the Rossvar Mountains. After its completion, he secured the Data-Crystal in the vault during Abaddon the Despoiler's invasion of Cadia, when it became obvious to him that the world would be lost to the Imperium. Before he left to continue fighting, though, Creed recorded a message for Ursula upon the Crystal, which detailed his plans for New Cadia and his wish for her to make it a reality. Though he kept the vault's location a secret,[3c] rumors spread of its existence during the invasion and that it contained a weapon that would defeat the Chaos invaders. Supposedly Creed did not have the chance to activate the weapon before Cadia was destroyed, but rumors of its existence still persisted even afterwards.[3b]

Decades later,[3a] as the Indomitus Crusade raged, a large piece of Cadia's Chaos-infested remains was found containing an area that held the Rossvar Mountains. This once again caused rumors of Creed's hidden weapon to spread and news of the discovery was brought to Lord Commander Guilliman's attention. He was then convinced that an infiltration mission should be launched to find Creed's weapon and that, for propaganda reasons, it should be the Lord Castellan's daughter Ursula, who commanded it. Ursula reluctantly agreed to do so, after being asked to by Guilliman[3b] and she later successfully found her Father's Data-Crystal.[3c] She would then escape with it and bring Creed's plans for New Cadia to Guilliman. Though it was not what they thought it would be, the Lord Commander was convinced that New Cadia would be more valuable to the Imperium than any weapon could be. Ursula then asked if Guilliman would give her command of the remaining Cadian Regiments, so she could use them to claim the Systems that would lead to New Cadia's formation. The Lord Commander, however, did not give her a definitive answer and instead stated that he would to need think on the matter. Though Ursula has accepted this, she is impatiently waiting for Guilliman's decision and hopes to be able to act on her Father's plans soon.[3d]