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New Kingdom

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The New Kingdom is a domain that the Daemon Primarch Magnus is creating within the Prospero System, in the wake of the Great Rift's creation.[1a]

As an increase in Human Psykers and Mutants has arisen across the galaxy, Magnus seeks to make the New Kingdom a home for them, where they are safe from the Imperium's deadly persecution. In this promised land, a new path for humanity will be forged, free from Imperial dogma, which will allow humanity to flourish in new ways under Magnus' leadership[1a]. Sortiarius, the recently transported Planet of Sorcerers, is greatly aiding in creating the New Kingdom, as its mere presence has begun changing the Realspace within the Prospero System. Astral light has begun coalescing around it and Sortiarius now gives off a psychic call, that is drawing in millions of humans who can hear it[1b]. Once they arrive, they then try to gain entrance to Tizca, the City of Light, which serves as the capital of the New Kingdom. If they are successful they prove themselves worthy to be at Magnus' side and can use its libraries to master their abilities[1c]. The ruins of Prospero also play a significant part in the New Kingdom, as Magnus and the Thousand Sons have begun building upon its surface. Not to return the world to its former glory, lost in the Horus Heresy, but as an anvil, designed to hammer out the tools of war.[1d]