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Newborn (Horus Heresy)

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The Newborn were Sons of Horus Legionaries that were rapidly grown from Aspirants, during the Horus Heresy as the Warmaster sought to reinforce his Legion's depleting strength.[1]


In a process that continued throughout the Heresy, the Sons of Horus' Apothecaries and bio-adepts created the Newborn in batches that included tens of thousands of Aspirants. This six-month process killed thousands each time, but the survivors emerged to take part in the war against the Imperium. Because they were taken from many different worlds and were created after the Heresy began, the Newborn took on the traditions and trappings of the older Sons of Horus Legionaries, in the hopes of finding a way to belong. Despite being members of the Sons of Horus though, there was a vast gap between the traditionally trained Legionaries and the Newborn, whose training mainly came from hypno-rigs worn during their creation. Because of this, the Newborn were often outmatched by the more experienced Loyalist Legionaries, and few were expected to survive to see the end of the Heresy.[1]

Known Newborn

Worlds Newborn were taken from



One of the Newborn warrior cults was named as the Sons of the Eye. It is unknown if they have any relation to the Thrice-Cursed Traitors warband, also named the Sons of the Eye.[1]

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