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Nexus Arrangement

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The Nexus Arrangement is a Necron Artefact. In many ways it resembles the Resurrection Orb as it too is an orb which seems to be containing the baleful green energy used by Necrons. The object was found by the Dark Apostle Jarulek and his First Acolyte Marduk. The object was revealed to be able to create a stasis field of sorts around an undetermined amount of space, presumably blanketing a planet in its effects. This stasis field only repelled warp travel to and around the area of projection, blocking off the area from aid and keeping the wielder of the artefact free of reprisal while they wreaked havoc on the planet below.[1]

The workings of the device were once known to Darioq-Grendh'al, the daemon-possessed Magos. The information was placed within the mind of an Explorator by the name of Daenae.[2] The device was tested with success upon Palantyr V and later deployed again in the Word Bearers' assault upon the Boros Gate sector. It was re-captured there by the Undying One, a Necron Lord, the device's original owner.[Needs Citation]

The workings of the device, however, appear inconsistent. It will prevent warp travel, and yet allow the summoning of daemons when in its semi-activated state. In its wholly activated state it is capable of preventing the binding of daemons and will in fact release them from even the most powerful enchantments. However the device still allows teleportation, which was used to deadly effect when the Word Bearers used the teleport array aboard the Infidus Diabolus to strike at the heart of a Necron horde and wrestle the device from the Undying One's grasp. The device was later destroyed by a vortex grenade in the 34th Host's escape from the Boros Gate.[3]