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Nicassar Dhow

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A Nicassar Dhow

Nicassar Dhows are small, elegant yachts that are propelled not by engines, but by their captains' formidable psychic abilities. They possess incredible maneuverability and (when upgraded with Tau Weapons) decent firepower. However, they are somewhat slow for Escort-sized ships, and their lack of interstellar drives means that like the Kass'l, they must be towed into battle with Gravitic Hooks.[1]

Inspiration and Etymology

The Dhow, in reality, was an early Arab sailing vessel. These ships were used for simple trading but could also, when the time arose, be used to house a small number of infantrymen. The ships used one or more triangular "Lateen" sails, a possible explanation for the elite maneuverability of the Nicassar versions.


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