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Nicodaemus Quixos

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Nicodaemus Quixos was an Inquisitor who accompanied the First Brotherhood of the Grey Knights Chapter to Sturmhex Prime to combat the Daemon Prince Anahk'hir and the Lords of Decay. The inquisitor intentionally gave false information on the Daemon's true name to Grand Master Vardan Kai; this meant that Kai was unable to banish Anahk'hir in the battle that followed and instead had to resort to imprisoning the Daemon within a tesseract labyrinth.[1]

In the aftermath of the mission, Kai presented Nicodaemus with the labyrinth on a secret deck aboard the Grey Knights vessel Castigator, as the inquisitor had some further purpose for it.[1]

According to the journal of the Grey Knights Techmarine Aegir, Nicodaemus would eventually turn against the Imperium and be declared a traitor.[1]


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