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Night Lords Armoury

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Unique weapons and wargear used by the Night Lords Legion.


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Sources
Aurum Master crafted Power Sword Wielded by Decimus [3a]
Anathema Bolter Wielded by Talos Valcoran [2b]
Banshee Bolter Wielded by Cyrion [2d]
Claws of the Black Hunt Lightning Claws
Escaton Power Claw Power Fist/Lightning Claw Heresy-era [7]
Executioner Chainsword Wielded by Xarl [3]
Flayer Flaying sword [6]
Gift of the Night Lord Combi-Flamer [5]
Mercy and Forgiveness Lightning Claws Wielded by Konrad Curze [1]
Mordax Tenebrae Bolter Wielded by Zso Sahaal [4a]
Nostraman Chainblade Chain Weapon
Nostraman Chainglaive Chain Weapon
Night's Whisper Nostraman Chainglaive Wielded by Sevatar [7]
Nostraman Flay-whip [7]
Unguis Raptus Lightning Claws Wielded by Zso Sahaal [4a]
Talons of the Night Terror Lightning Claws
Widowmakers Throwing knives Wielded by Konrad Curze [1]
Scourging Chains Chains
Volkite Cavitor Volkite Weapon


Armour Name Armour Type Notes Sources
The Nightmare Mantle Artificer Armour Worn by Konrad Curze [1]
Stormbolt Plate Artificer Armour
Vox Daemonicus Vox accessory


Artifact Name Artifact Type Notes Sources
Corona Nox Crown Worn by Konrad Curze, claimed by Zso Sahaal and Krieg Acerbus [4b]
Curze's Orb Sphere
Curze's Signet Ring Ring Stolen by M'Shen [2e]
Misery of the Meek Elixir [7]
The Dark Tome Curze's memoirs


Vehicle Name Vehicle Type Notes Sources
Storm's Eye Land Raider Utilized by First Claw, 10th Company [2b]

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