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Night Swords

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The Night Swords are a Space Marine Chapter of Imperial Fists descent.[1a]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Night Swords -
Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists[1a]
Founding: M32[1a]
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Lavantia[2a]
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Specialty: Armoured Assaults
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: “For the honoured ones!”[1a]

Basic Info

Their chapter symbol is two crossed curved swords[2a]


The Night Swords resides on Lavantia[2a], where the population lives in teeming Hive cities, surrounded by vast deserts. The Chapter maintains its Fortress-Monastery far out in the arid desert wastes.[1a]


The Night Swords were formed by the Imperial Fists, in the crucible of a Crusade to battle the Traitor Legions that were, by the 32nd Millennium beginning to assault the Imperium in great numbers from the Eye of Terror. During this Crusade the Night Swords' first Chapter Master earned great renown for the battles he fought against the servants of Chaos. To this day he is the most celebrated figure of legend in the chapter's history.[1a]

Currently the chapter is understrength and is undergoing a period of rebuilding.[1a]


The Battle-Brothers of the Chapter excel at rapid strikes and lightning raids, a trait which extends to every facet of their character. They are as quick to anger as they are to jest. They can be impatient, yet display great personal initiative. While not rash or foolhardy, the Night Swords believe in the value of immediate action over protracted planning, and chafe at the bit to engage the foe.[1a][1b]


The Night Swords believe their fallen heroes reside in the deepest deserts as elemental spirits. The chapter's Chaplains make regular pilgrimages into the dune seas, residing in simple caves for many days and nights until thirst and exposure cause them to undergo overpowering visions in which they receive the wisdom of their predecessors. These practices have put the Night Swords at odds with the Ecclesiarchy, who consider them esoteric beliefs which go against the Imperial Creed.[1a]


The Night Swords recruit from amongst the most vicious underhive gangs in their planet's hive cities. Only those gangers that can survive the thousand kilometre trek from the city, through arid wastes and raging dust storms to reach the chapter's monastery, are given the chance to become an Aspirant. A great trial for a people used to living in the dark depths of a hive city.[1a]


In addition to the missing Betcher's Gland and Sus-an Membrane that Imperial Fists Successors already experience, a defect in the Night Swords' gene-seed has resulted in its members only being able to speak with a ghostly whisper. Many outside the chapter find their voices disturbing.[1a]

Noted Elements of the Night Swords

Notable Members of the Night Swords

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