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Nightfall was a Gloriana Class Battleship which served as the personal flagship of Night Lords Primarch Konrad Curze during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


The Nightfall was notable for containing a vast series of labyrinths and traps inside of its hulls designed by Perturabo[4], which Curze used to torture and kill those he captured. Curze's own quarters in the Nightfall were an even more grisly display, having many mutilated corpses hanging throughout. The Night Haunter would frequently talk to these bodies, and become enraged if one attempted to move them.[2]

The warship led the Night Lords fleet in the genocidal Thramas Crusade, but suffered catastrophic damage at the hands of the Dark Angels fleet led by another Gloriana Class ship, the Invincible Reason.[1] The ship was able to escape the Dark Angels and has since sought to rendezvous with Night Lords splinter fleets. After Thramas and the disappearance of Curze, the ship fell under the command of Captain Thandamell.[3] The vessel later fell under the control of Gendor Skraivok who stated his intent to rejoin Horus and the push on Terra.[4]

The Nightfall under Skraivok's command was part of Horus' fleet during the Siege of Terra. During the battle Angron was teleported into the maze aboard the vessel by Khârn in order to control his rages and prevent him from destroying his own ship Conqueror.[5a] When it became safe for Daemons to manifest on the planet, Angron was ejected from the Nightfall and made his way towards Terra.[5b]

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