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Nik Vincent

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Nik Vincent

Nik Vincent is a contributing author for Black Library.


Her official biography on the BL website states:

Nik Vincent was born one Christmas Eve in a tiny seaside village. Some years later, she adjourned to Scotland to live beside a loch and study English. She has written professionally for two years, mostly for pre-school children and would probably have continued to do so had she not attended Games Day, which heralded the end of cuddly characters and the beginning of some serious shooty death-kill.[1]

Her upcoming projects include a new Iron Snakes novel, co-written with her husband, Dan Abnett.[2]

Warhammer 40,000 Works

Warhammer Fantasy Works

  • Gilead's Craft (Short Story)
  • Gilead's Blood (Novel) (with Dan Abnett)
  • Gilead's Curse (Novel) (with Dan Abnett)


I do not believe in the differences between boys and girls. I believe in the differences between people. I celebrate them.... Having said that, my current pet theory is that the horrible, gruesome, messed-up nastiness that grows in the dark recesses of girls' minds is invariably bloodier and more maniacal than the gruesome messed-up nastiness that grows in the equivalent sweaty dens in boys' cerebral crevices.[3]