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Nine Devout Deceits

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The Nine Devout Deceits is a fleshy Chaos warship, that had once been the glorious Imperial Navy Battle Cruiser, In His Holy Name.[1]

In M42, the warship would house the powerful Dirge of Lusiann, after it and a number of other Chaos Artefacts were stolen from the Dark Angels. The Chapter soon assembled a strike force that was tasked with either reclaiming these stolen artefacts or destroying them if need be. The Codicier Yehoel and Interrogator-Chaplain Palaliah were part of the strike force and they succeeded in discovering the Dirge was aboard the Nine Devout Deceits. After boarding the warship, Yehoel was able to use his Psyker powers, to locate the room the Dirge was in. When they neared it, though, the door opened and screams began to be heard.[1]