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Niora Su-Kassen

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This page contains spoilers for: The Solar War (Novel)
Niora Su-Kassen

Niora Su-Kassen was an Admiral in the Jovian Void Clan Fleets and Imperial Army, during the Horus Heresy.


Due to her skills in void warcraft, she was chosen by the Primarch Rogal Dorn to serve in his Solar Command Staff, as he prepared to defend Terra from Horus' treachery[1a]. As Niora aided the Primarch though, she was left to wonder about the fate of her daughter, Khalia Su-Kassen Hon II, who was Captain of the Imperial Army warship, Thunder Break. It had been attached to the Sons of Horus Legion's Sixty-Third Expeditionary Fleet, during the Great Crusade and nothing had been heard of the warship since the Heresy began. However after the White Scars Legion later returned to Terra, Niora developed a friendship of sorts with its Primarch Jaghatai Khan who, after learning of her daughter[1b], used his influence to have resources diverted to discover Khalia's fate. It was as the Solar War raged, that the Thunder Break's destruction at the traitors' hands, after Khalia refused to join in Horus' betrayal, was found written on a report detailing the numerous wrecks found in the Isstvan System. Once he learned of this, Malcador the Sigilite personally informed Niora of her daughter's death.[1c]

The Admiral would have little time to grieve, as Horus' forces neared Terra's moon, Luna, and in response the Primarch Dorn transferred himself, Niora and half of the Solar Command Staff to the Phalanx fortress-monastery. This was to better coordinate, the Imperium's forces as the Chaos fleet approached Terra, but the Solar Command was unaware that the worse was still to come[1d]. As the Solar War had begun, a massive Chaos ritual had been enacted, that would allow Horus and his main fleet to transport near Terra from the Warp and it was finished as the Solar Command Staff landed upon the Phalanx. The completed ritual caused a large amount of etheric energy to be unleashed and the Daemon Samus then used it, to possess the Remembrancer Mersadie Oliton and through her, the Daemon opened a Warp breech aboard the Phalanx[1e]. This allowed a horde of Daemons to appear aboard the fortress and Niora took part in defending the Phalanx, long enough for Mersadie to temporarily free herself from Samus. Before the Daemon could regain control of her, the Remembrancer committed suicide which closed the Warp breach and caused the Daemons to disappear[1f]. In the aftermath of the attack, Dorn stated he would go to Terra and defend it, as Horus' forces had reached Mankind's Homeworld. Before he left though, the Primarch transferred control of the Phalanx to Niora and she took overall command of the Imperium's surviving warships in the Sol System, as the Siege of Terra began.[1g]

Still in command of the Phalanx and operating in the void at the edge of the Sol System, Su-Kassen was shocked to find that Dark Angels under Corswain had arrived to aid the loyalists in the Siege.[2] She later provided the Imperator Somnium to Corswain's forces in order to have the Dark Angels break the traitor blockade and land on Terra.[3]

In the final stages of the Siege of Terra, Su-Kassen and Halbract observe the reactivation of the Astronomican and take it as a sign that the time is now for their counterattack. They launch the Phalanx and their surviving warships at the traitors just hours before the arrival of Guilliman's reinforcements fleet.[4]