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Noctan Strike Forces

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Uniform Basic Data Miniature
- Noctan Strike Forces -
Homeworld: Noctan
Regiment Name: Noctan Strike Forces
Specialities: Night Combat, Infiltration, Guerrilla Warfare

The Noctan Strike Forces are the Imperial Guard Regiments from the world of Noctan.[1]

Combat Doctrine

Skilled at infiltration and guerrilla warfare, many of Noctan's soldiers range ahead of the main force, planting explosives and sowing confusion before hundreds of figures pour from the darkness and onto their enemies. Though the Noctan Strike Forces lack the sophisticated equipment and training of the much-famed Storm Troopers, their exceptional night vision makes them comparable to the elite warriors during night raids.[1]

Appearance and Uniform

The Noctans are known for having dark skin which adds to the elaborate camouflage they don as they prepare for assaults.[1]

Known Campaigns

Notable Regiments

During the Third War of Armageddon, the entire 29th, 37th and 84th Noctan Strike Forces moved from hidden positions to begin a full blown assault upon Acheron. Each guardsman of the regiments was charged not to target the acquisition of territory, but the Orks themselves. As the Noctans swept up the eastern face of the Hive, Ork warbands began to flee, unwilling to face these dark warriors that had suddenly appeared in the midst of a huge explosion.[1]

The true number of kills the Noctans managed to achieve in that one night will probably never be fully reckoned, but the most conservative estimates number enemy slain in the thousands. As the Noctans moved ever higher through the Hive, the slaughter ceased as the Orks turned on their attackers and resistance steadily increased. Knowing that a pitched battle would favour the Orks and not his Strike Forces, Colonel Walde ordered his forces to pull back out of Acheron, leaving the Orks to attempt the rebuilding of their shattered forces.[1]

Since the attack, the Noctans have conducted numerous raids on a far smaller scale, usually in concert with the companies they still have working in the undercity. Colonel Walde has submitted many proposals for the retaking of Acheron Hive and it is clear that any such attempt would see the Noctan Strike Forces leading the initial assaults.[1]

Notable Personnel

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