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Noctis Obscurum

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The Noctis Obscurum was a Star Fort, that served as a Fortress Monastery for the Black Consuls, while they were a Crusading Chapter. It originally belonged to the Ultramarines Legion and protected Macragge, until the Second Founding when it was given to the Black Consuls after their creation. It would serve them for most of the Chapter's existence, until one day[1] in M40[2] the Black Consuls' fleet was lured away on a campaign and the Star Fort was left by itself. This allowed the Dark Eldar to infiltrate the Noctis Obscurum and overload its reactors, before the Xenos made their escape. The resulting explosion, completely destroyed the Star Fort and when the Black Consuls returned from their successful campaign, they found nothing left of their home, but floating wreckage.[1]