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Noisome Reek

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The Reek[2], also known as the Noisome Reek, are a race of aliens that form part of the Worldweave of the Noisome Reek, a fledgling empire that is beginning to conquer Imperial space.[1]

Among the Reek's noted engagements with Mankind are skirmishes with members of the Arcadius dynasty of Rogue Traders. A voidswarm of Reek encountered the forces of Abad Gerrit of the Arcadius at the Battle of Ghallenburg. Abad managed to single-handedly stem the tide of the xenos' interface vessels as they made planetfall.[3]

Members of this race are known to have occupied the Si'coa system that fell under the dominion of the Tau Empire. This was until the arrival of Aun'Va who instilled within the Fire Warriors a righteous rage which they turned against the hateful Reek which led to them being eliminated at Si'coa.[2]