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The Noosphere is a type of wireless information technology developed by the Adeptus Mechanicus sometime before the Horus Heresy.


The secrets of noospheric communication were first uncovered by the Explorator Adept Laszlo, who was the teacher of Adept Cacyce, who in turn was the mentor of Koriel Zeth. Before the union of Mars and Terra, Laszlo often made a number of expeditions to mankind's birth world in order to recover lost and forgotten technologies. Going to the lands of Gyptus, in the crater Kebira, Laszlo discovered a great tomb complex that had been guarded jealously by the Gilf Kebir. One of the many things discovered within the vast sepulchres of the ancients, were the designs of the noosphere.[1a]

The technology was further developed by Koriel Zeth in Magma City, and shared between her allies such as Adept Ipluvien Maximal and Fabricator Locum Kane. Access to the noosphere allows a techpriest to view information in its purest form and was regularly used by Adept Zeth and her servants.[1a]

During the Death of Innocence, virulent scrapcode infected the Martian datanets, leading to untold devastation across the planet. However, the infection did not corrupt Magma City or its allies due to the unique nature of the noosphere. This led to Fabricator General Kelbor-Hal dispatching his ambassadors to Magma City in order to both acquire the technology and learn Adept Zeth's intentions.[1b]