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Norn Assimilator

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A Norn Assimilator[1]

Norn Assimilators are immense and towering Tyranid warrior organisms that are sent to destroy particular foes or fortifications.[1]


Closely related to the Norn Emissary, the Norn Assimilator is an expression of the will of a Norn Queen upon the battlefield.[2] It trades its cousins' psychic and protection prowess for raw combat ability. Capable of spearing infantry and armoured targets alike with its Toxinjector Harpoons, these tendrils not only inflict damage but also can drag the Assimilator's target out from cover. Besides this, it is also equipped with Flesh Hooks.[1]

See also

  • Species of Tyranid
    • Norn Emissary — a similar genus of the Assimilator, save that they are sent as assassins to kill gifted enemy commanders or to abduct knowledgeable prey.[1]


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