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Norn Emissary

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A Norn Emissary[2]

Norn Emissaries are immense and towering Tyranid warrior organisms. Acting as the expressed will of a Norn Queen upon a battlefield, they act as assassins after being supplied with their prey's psionic spoor.[1][5]


Larger than even a Hive Tyrant, Emissaries combine brute strength with incredible psychic power. They were evolved for the singular purpose of preying on gifted enemy commanders or abducting knowledgeable prey from heavily defended strongholds. In order for this to occur, a Norn Queen imbues Emissaries with the distilled knowledge they need to successfully complete their mission, before a battle begins[2]. Once unleashed, they stalk their targets with eerie alien grace, something a creature their size should not possess, and Emissaries are also able to compress their mass into seemingly impossible confines if they need to. When the Norn Emissaries near their target, however, they move with serpentine speed and are able to leap a great distance into the air and fall upon their prey with their sword-like talons. The Emissaries can use these weapons with blistering speed and also have such immense physical strength that they are capable of easily tearing an Adeptus Custodes apart. This allows them to stomp a Custodes to death, use their legs to kick ones head off or use their tails to snap a Custodes' neck.[1]

Besides their formidable physical prowess, Norn Emissaries also wield great offensive psychic abilities. In battle, they can unleash psychic tendrils with abilities including Neuroparasite, Neuroblast, and Neurolance.[4]


When Hive Fleet Grendyllus invaded Sanctum, during the Fourth Tyrannic War, three Norn Emissaries were sent to infiltrate the White Templars' Fortress Monastery Holdfast, with one being the infamous Fiend of Hag Rift. Each was given a target to attack, which were the fortress' command sanctum, gene-seed vault and Lord Commander Solar Leontus, who was co-commanding its defense. While only the Emissary attacking the command sanctum succeeded in destroying its target, all three of their attacks required a large number of Imperial lives to stop. In the end, Captain-General Trajann Valoris himself slew the creature.[1]

Named Norn Emissaries

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