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North-South Mars Conflict

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The North-South Mars Conflict was a civil war on Mars between factions of the Adeptus Mechanicus in 979.M34.[1]

The long-time rivalry between those Tech-Priests who dwell in the north of Mars and those of the Martian South flares up into open war. As the conflict grinds on, both sides are assailed by the feral packs of malfunctioning Servitors and burnt-out war machines that haunt the desert wastes. The war reaches a gory conclusion when the self-proclaimed Prophet of Cogs broadcasts a control-chorus that binds millions of long-abandoned machines to his cause. Appalled by the half-living cyberghouls he sets on his foes, both north and south unite to drive him from the face of the Red Planet. Rumours persist that he haunts the Alpha Centauri System well into the 41st Millennium.[1]

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