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Northern Foundry Collectives

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The Northern Foundry Collectives (also known simply as the Northern Collective Hives, Northern Collectives, or NorthCol for short)[1b] were a cluster of hive cities on the planet Verghast.[1a]


During the Siege of Vervunhive, the Northern Collective sent reinforcements to aid their ally, Vervunhive, repel an invasion by the fallen Hive Ferrozoica.[1a][1b] Ten regiments of auxiliaries, comprising some 20,000 infantry and 5,000 armoured vehicles, were mobilised in support of Vervunhive, although some speculated that this gesture was made out of pragmatism rather than honouring their alliance, as NorthCol would have been the next target if the Zoicans had continued to advance north past the River Hass.[1b]

In addition, the Imperial Guard Regiments sent by the Sabbat Worlds Crusade to aid Vervunhive mobilised at the lift port of Kannak in the Northern Collectives, as the void shield protecting Vervunhive prevented them from landing there.[1b]

In the aftermath of the Siege, Vervunhive (effectively ruined by this point) was officially dissolved. Part of its remaining population was absorbed into the Northern Collectives.[1c]

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