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Nova Frigate

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Nova Class‎

The Nova Class Frigate is a type of Imperial ship design used by the Space Marines and Basilikon Astra.[2]


The Nova Class is a Lance boat, much like the Firestorm Class Frigate in the Imperial Navy. It is a much more controversial ship however, because it does not follow the Codex Astartes. It is a pure-breed warship; it cannot land troops, or transport them to other ships. It is ineffective in planetary assault also, but a very capable capital ship hunter. Both the Imperial Navy and Inquisition have taken issue with the class, as it encroaches on the duties of the Imperial Navy, and upsets the balance of power within the Imperium, giving too much to the Adeptus Astartes. Due to this, the Nova remains a rare sight in the fleets of the Space Marines.[1]

It is armed with a single turret-mounted lance in the prow of the ship, able to fire to the sides, and in front of the ship, and two small weapons batteries, also turret mounted. However, its engines are much more powerful than a Firestorm's, making the Nova almost twice as fast as a cruiser of the Imperial Navy. This speed and manoeuvrability allow the Nova class to get to favourable firing positions, deliver the lance armament's bite, and withdraw before the enemy can react to bring their guns to bear on the Nova.[1]

Notable Nova Frigates


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