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Nova Prospectum

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The Nova Prospectum was a Cruiser in service with the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter.[1a]

The ship survived the Fall of Sotha and evacuated with the rest of the Chapter's surviving fleet. The Nova Prospectum was thrown off-course by the Shadow in the Warp, but was able to reach the Chapter's muster point in the Miral System. Although the ship arrived at the muster late, it was in a considerably better state of repair, due to carrying Forge Master Sebastion and a number of Techmarines and veterans.[1a]

Sebastion was ordered by Thracian, the acting Master of the Fleet, to take the Nova Prospectum to retrieve the contents of a series of supply caches that the Scythes maintained across Sothara.[1a] When the tyranids later attacked the Miral System as well, Thracian took a significant portion of the Chapter's fleet and, rather than using them to defend the system, took them to rendezvous with Sebastion and the Nova Prospectum and ensure the success of his mission.[1b]

Thracian and Sebastion's ships later returned to the Miral System. By this point, the tyranid invasion of Miral Prime was well underway. The Nova Prospectum went on to destroy the Hive Ship Ziru.[1c]