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Novak Vard

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Novak Vard is a Vindicare Assassin, who was ordered to kill Boss Zagstruck in early M42.[1a]

This occurred after Zagstruck defeated an invading Order of the Ebon Chalice strike force, which attempted to reclaim St Rezmond's Hope from him. When the Abbess of the Adepta Sororitas heard of their defeat, she petitioned the Officio Assassinorum to send an assassin kill Zagstruck. Her request is granted[1a], as there is a growing concern that Zagstruck will soon launch a Waaagh! into St Rezmond's Hope's surrounding Sector. If he did, the Imperial forces there were stretched too thin to repel Zagstruck and they could not afford the losses to invade St Rezmond's Hope[1b]. Vard was chosen to end Zagstruck's threat to the Imperium, but though he successfully infiltrated the world, no further word was heard from him. After three months of silence, the Vindicare Temple deployed two dozen Servo-Skulls into St Rezmond's Hope to determine his fate. Their long-range scopes eventually find Vard's bio-signature within Zagstruck's Bossfort, but can not determine his final fate. However without knowing if he is still operational, the Officio Assassinorum is reluctant to send in further agents into the Ork held world.[1a]


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