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Novokh Dynasty

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Colour Scheme Information Symbol
Name: Novokh Dynasty
Phaeron: Galmakh
Capital: Dhol VI
Colours: red

The Novokh Dynasty are a Dynasty of the Necrons.[1] Located in Ultima Segmentum, the Novokh march to war in crimson livery echoing the bloody rituals of their past.[2a]


The distinctive colour scheme of the Novokh derives from their battle rituals in the time before biotransference. Having slain their enemies in battle, Novokh warriors would daub their faces and arms in the blood of the vanquished, a practice now echoed in the crimson carapaces of their soldiery.[2a] Today, the Novokh are brutal butchers who do not stop until all organic foes have been completely annihilated and are one of the most terrifying Necron dynasties to face. Though initially mellow, upon witnessing blood the warriors of the Novokh will be overcome by their engrams and go into an unstoppable killing frenzy. The Novokh specialize in close combat, utilizing large numbers of infantry and Lychguard. They also do not hesitate to deploy large numbers of Destroyer Cultists.[8]

The territory of the Novokh dynasty is found in Ultima Segmentum, and includes the crownworld of Dhol VI and the active tomb world Draven[2b]. The dynastic symbol of the Novokh represents the six wars of conquest which emanated from the dynasty's original core; this is a simple design of the type often seen in aggressive younger dynasties[2a]. The Novokh Dynasty is currently fighting against numerous Ork hordes.[3] Since the formation of the Great Rift, they have begun a campaign against the forces of both the Imperium, Orks, and Chaos within Imperium Nihilus.[6]

During a battle with the Death Guard warband known as the Pallid Hand on Hollowfall, forces from the Novokh Dynasty were infected by Mortarion's bio-mechanical Ferric Blight. The disease spread to their Tomb Worlds and have created a devastating epidemic.[5]

The Dynasty is currently embroiled in a war with the Tyranid Hive Fleet Arachnae.[7]

Known Tomb Worlds

Notable Members

  • Galmakh, the Moon KillerPhaeron. He gained fame before the Great Sleep by destroying moons to forever shatter the gravity of worlds that defied his rule. Galmakh's Decurion recently put a Militarum Tempestus strike force to flight, and even now amasses more power in the Ultima Segmentum.[4]
  • Crimson KingOverlord. Commands the C'tan Shard, known as the Crimson God.[3]
  • Ultep — Warrior
  • Crimson God — A C'tan Shard commanded by the Crimson King. It is an unwilling vassal though, that metes out destruction in battle with its incredible powers, but never quite in the way that the Novokh Dynasty would wish for.[3]


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