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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Flesh Tearer; for the Blood Raven, see Nox.

Noxx is a Veteran Sergeant of the Flesh Tearers.


A member of Captain Gorn's company, Noxx was part of the garrison on Merron, an important Mining World, before the Flesh Tearers company was relieved by a company of the Doom Eagles. There was some friction between Noxx and Sergeant Tarikus of the Eagles, the latter of whom suspected the Flesh Tearers of preying on the native population.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Red Fury (Novel)

Noxx later accompanied Captain Gorn and Chapter Master Gabriel Seth to Baal, to take part in the Conclave called by Commander Dante of the Blood Angels. While being given a tour of the Angels' fortress-monastery by Sergeant Rafen, Noxx was surprised, and derisive, to hear that some of Rafen's squad created art in their spare time. This led to an honour duel between Noxx and Rafen, which Rafen narrowly won. Noxx ruefully admitted that he had been ordered to "test" the Blood Angels' mettle by Captain Gorn; when questioned, Dante replied that he had expected as much from his "cousin," Seth.[2a]

Despite their friction, Rafen and Noxx found themselves fighting side by side on Baal's Apothecarion, against mutants unleashed by Fabius Bile.[2b]

After the battle was over and the fortress-monastery was secure, Rafen and Noxx said their goodbyes on terms of mutual respect; Noxx had come to recognize Rafen's strength and resolve, while Rafen found Noxx to be an honourable warrior, underneath his savage exterior.[2c]

The Hunt for Fabius

This page contains spoilers for: Black Tide (Novel)

Months later, Seth uncovered a lead on Fabius Bile's whereabouts, and took the liberty of dispatching Noxx's squad to intercept Rafen's, who had been tasked by Dante to track down Bile and recover the stolen blood of Sanguinius.[3a]

When Rafen was lost in an attack by sea-borne Tyranids, Noxx assumed command of both the Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers. Many of the Blood Angels chafed at this, but Noxx led with both killer instinct and ferocious determination.[3b] Eventually the joined squads stormed Bile's compound on Dynikas V, joining up with Rafen as he was leading a break-out of the Astartes imprisoned inside the fortress (who, much to Noxx's amusement, included Sergeant Tarikus).[3c]

Noxx coordinated the squads' attack on the compound, while Rafen confronted Bile and threw him off the fortress roof, to be devoured by a swarm of Tyranids.[3d]

Later, Rafen said that the victory would be formally credited to both the Blood Angels and the Flesh Tearers. Noxx objected that Rafen was the one who had killed Bile, and Rafen responded that Noxx could have just as easily pushed Rafen off the ledge and claimed all the glory for himself. Noxx admitted that it crossed his mind, but in the end, he was a man of honour, who knew that Sanguinius would not approve of such an action. The two Sergeants said their goodbyes, again on terms of respect.[3e]