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Nurthene War

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The Nurthene War was a campaign waged by the Alpha Legion during the Great Crusade. Waged on Nurth against the Nurthene people, while the Alpha Legion and their Imperial Army allies enjoyed considerable technological advantage the Nurthene employed Warp-based magicks that hindered their progress. Nurth was eventually destroyed by the Nurthene themselves, as, on the verge of losing the war against the Imperial forces, the Echvehnurth activated a Chaotic weapon known as a Black Cube. This weapon, through unknown means, altered the climate of the planet massively, turning the air into noxious vapours utterly inimical to any form of life, stirring the winds to levels that scoured the earth from the bedrock and raised the temperature to the point where the ocean boiled. In a matter of days the process was completed, leaving Nurth a dead rock.[1]

The Cabal had a significant hand in the Nurthene War, orchestrating it to demonstrate the dangers of Chaos to the Alpha Legion.[1]