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Nyadra'zatha enslaved to the Dias of Dominion[3]

Nyadra'zatha, the Burning One is a C'tan.[1]

It is said that it was The Burning One who revealed to the Necron how to access the Webway with the Dolmen Gates, because it desired to bring his eldritch flames to the webway.[1] Known as among the most cruel C'tan that took glee in burning all things, in the Necron revolt against the C'tan it is said that the Silent King himself shattered him into shards with his spear.[3a]

A shard of Nyadra'zatha was later discovered by Trazyn the Infinite on the world of Midgardia. In the ensuing battle, Trazyn raided the world and was able to acquire the shard.[2]

Another shard of Nyadra'zatha is used to power the Silent King Szarekh's personal vehicle, the Dias of Dominion.[3]

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