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O'Mau'tel was a great hero of the Tau Empire who wrote a well-known meditation in the Sio't, pertaining to Xenos hostile to the Empire. He stated that their were no evil Xenos in the universe and that each had their place in the Greater Good; the Tau simply had to seek to understand the differences of those species that were hostile to them, in order to bridge the gap between them. O'Mau'tel believed that by showing Xenos how the Greater Good could improve their society, the Tau would help them find their place in the Greater Good and they would willingly join the Empire. O'Mau'tel's meditation was later quietly revised out of newer editions of the Sio't, after the Tau Empire encountered the insane Orks and the ever-devouring Tyranids; two species that were utterly incapable of understanding the Greater Good or joining the Empire.[1]