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Shas'o T'au Shi'ur, known as Commander Strong Triumph, was a famed military hero of the Tau Empire and father of the Fire Warrior, La'Kais.[1a]


To the general population of the Tau Empire O'Shi'ur was a hero of the Tau people - Commander of the Fifth Ten-Cadre, hero of of the Sept World Uor'la, favoured disciple of Aun'shi, thrice prevalent in Trials by Fire and honoured with the appellation Strong Triumph in his victory in battle on the Sept World of Fio'vash. The por'hui (Tau media) bolstered his legendary reputation, and would depict O’Shi’ur clad in his Crisis Battlesuit striking a pose against the skyline of some alien world, protecting the Tau Empire from its many enemies[1a]; he would also give many speeches espousing the virtues of the Greater Good, which would then be broadcasted across the Tau Empire[1b][1c]. When he died in battle with Tyranids, as the Tau fought to save the Sept World of Fal'shia, citizens throughout the Empire mourned the death of the legendary hero and an example of the Greater Good they all must strive for.[1a]

To the people who knew him personally O'Shi'ur was as a hot-headed Commander, who was quick to anger, didn't listen to orders, was a poor judge of character and who once shot a subordinate just for questioning his commands. In fact Commander El'Lusha, who served under O'Shi'ur and witnessed his death on Fio'vash, said his death was the result of his temper and stubbornness. As they fought the Tyranids, the Fire Warriors under O'Shi'ur command were being overrun and his subordinates pleaded with the Commander to give the order to retreat; but he refused after a Tyranid dented his Crisis Battlesuit. Despite the number of Tyranids attacking them, O'Shi'ur, in a rage and determined to claim his revenge, charged after the Tyranid that attacked him and was soon surrounded and torn apart by the swarm. O'Shi'ur was considered a mighty general and a powerful fighter, by those who served with him, but he never lived up to the example of the Greater Good, so many in the Empire thought him to be.[1c]