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Kor’o Natash T’yra was Captain of the T'au warship Or'es Tash'var, charged with delivering Fire Warrior troops to the Imperium planet Dolumar IV after the Ethereal Ko'vash was captured and sent to a prison complex on the planet.[1]

When Ko'vash was successfully rescued and brought aboard the Or'es Tash'var, it was damaged while trying to escape by the Imperial Navy Emperor Class Battleship, the Enduring Blade and Battlefleet Ultima Primus; this allowed the Imperial Navy to launch a boarding action against the stricken ship. During the assault a squadron of Space Marines from the Raptors Chapter's Fifth Company, who teleported onto the Or'es Tash'var's bridge and massacred the crew save for O'T'yra. They tortured the Captain in order to learn the location of Ko'vash aboard the warship, but he told them nothing. Running out of patience, Lexicanium Macex used his psychic powers to forcefully search O'T'yra's mind for the information. He almost succeeded, when the Fire Warrior La'Kais stormed the bridge and shot him in the face, killing him instantly. O'T'yra sank to the ground injured and exhausted, where a member of the Raptor squad casually crushed his head, before engaging the Fire Warrior.[1]