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O'Vash is a Commander in the T'au Empire, who earned significant honours during the Third Sphere Expansion campaigns and is the current protégé of Commander Shadowsun. When the Necrons of the Sautekh Dynasty launched a series of attacks along the western reaches of the T’au Empire, soon after the loss of the Fourth Sphere of Expansion, O'Vash was ordered to repel them. Initially he was only able to be given command of crack Fire Caste contingents from T'au and T'au'n, but O'Vash adopted the tactics of his tutor Shadowsun and split his forces into numerous hunting packs, that tore at the flanks of the Necron invasion fleet. These delaying tactics are resoundingly successful and allow the beleaguered T'au Empire, to send the reinforcements O'Vash needed to repel the Necron.[1]