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O'Vesa, also known as Stone Dragon[2] is a skilled Tau Battlesuit pilot and a member of The Eight, Farsight's elite honor guard. He is fact not a Shas'vre at all, but an old Earth Caste colleague of Farsight kept alive by microdrones of his own invention, and pilots a modified XV104 Riptide.[1]

O'Vesa was an old colleague and supporter of Farsight and gained infamy during the Arkunasha War. After the Damocles Crusade he joined with Farsight directly.[2] When Farsight went into self-imposed exile after the incident on Arthas Moloch, O'Vesa became a leading member of the new Elemental Council of the Farsight Enclaves and studied the mysterious blade Farsight had left behind.[3]

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