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O'yeldi'nar, also known as Silverwing, is a Tau Empire Commander who is among its forces defending the Zone of Silence, which contains an entrance to the Startide Nexus.[1]

The Startide leads to the Nem'yar Atoll, home of the Tau's Fifth Sphere of Expansion, which has now been invaded by the Death Guard. The Tau Empire was unaware of how dire the situation had become, until Commander Shadowsun recorded a message into a interstellar drone, detailing her forces failed efforts to stop the invaders. The drone was then sent into the Nexus and brought to O'yeldi'nar aboard his warship, Glimmerstar, once it had entered the Zone of Silence. As he watched the message, Shadowsun warned the Tau Empire that she would be unable to stop the numerous Death Guard warships, that were now advancing upon the Startide Nexus. If they reached it, the Death Guard would then be able to invade the Tau Empire, in significant numbers. However after the message ended, O'yeldi'nar noted that the date it was recorded on had long since passed and there had been no sign of the Death Guard. He doubted, though, that Shadowsun could have stopped the Death Guard's fleet with her depleted forces and O'yeldi'nar was left disturbed. He could not known if the Death Guard's fleet had been delayed by the Warp or if they had somehow found a hidden exit from the Nexus. As he stared into the unsettlingly empty void, the Commander could only prepare his forces and wait for the Death Guard's attack.[1]