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Oathbands are a type of military organization used by the Leagues of Votann.[1]


Oathbands are a subdivision of a Kinhost and are drawn from a Kindred's standard Hearthkyn, Einhyr Hearthguard, and officers alongside their vehicles and third party Kin drawn from organizations such as the Hernkyn and Cthonians. However size and composition of an Oathband is extremely flexible, from a handful of warriors under a single leady to an army of millions supported by all manner of machinery and warship. Often, an Oathband will simply be drawn together from whatever Kin forces are available at a time. The one unifying truth is that the Oathband is most commonly commanded by a Kahl whose warriors have pledged an oath of service to until their mission is done. So variable and ad hoc are these organizations that they would be unmanageable to other races, but the close subconcious bond and sense of shared purpose allow the Kin to operate them flawlessly.